Human Resources are the Best Resources!

Jay Lundy with Spark brand ambassador Taline Ainein

A few days ago, I got to spend time in the Spark Innovation booth at the 50th Annual BCHRMA Trade Show and Conference. I know many of you who do trade shows might say “got to”? The reason this experience was great was that it gave me a chance to talk to a wide range of HR professionals – those who are right in the thick of what’s making their companies tick.

And since Spark Innovation is just launching, it was great to tell people what we do and actually get “real life” feedback.

After many conversations with attendees, other exhibitors, and even keynote speaker TrendHunter’s Jeremy Gutsche, we realized something: everyone was talking about innovation.

Everyone seems to agree that in order to thrive, companies need to innovate.

What’s missing?

The how. How, exactly, do you innovate?

That’s where Spark Innovation comes in. We have cracked the code to getting twice as much done in half the time.

You see, it’s all about collaboration. You have brainpower all around you, and yet if you are like most organizations or teams, you experience Death By Meeting on a regular basis.

The trick is to get all of your people on the same page at the same time. And yes, that’s doable. Would you like to find out more? Click here to find out how you can receive a FREE presentation from Spark Innovation. We will show you exactly how to innovate, instead of just talk about it.

As for trade shows – we will be out in force because its all about collaboration, and nothing stirs collaboration more than making new connects with people who are awake and on top of their game.

Thanks to the BCHRMA for hosting a great event! See you next year…

By JLB_Admin

Jay Lundy, Founder & Head Spark Founder and President of Spark Innovation, Jay Lundy has a substantial background in the disciplines of design, workplace learning, facilitation and collaborative problem solving. Mr Lundy has seamlessly blended his university degree in Design along with a Diploma in Adult Education into 25 years experience developing creative, high impact learning programs for hundreds of organizations including: American Express Deloitte Toyota Uniglobe International Century 21 Royal Bank Intrawest Canadian Cancer Society Telus Pan Pacific Resorts UniSource Bank of Montreal He founded Spark Innovation to address the urgent need for ‘FreshThinking’ - the essential tools and processes - to solve the increasingly complex and diverse challenges we face, both locally and globally. Mr Lundy believes that smarter thinking by individuals, teams and organizations is only possible by engaging all stakeholders in an open, accessible, accelerated and ongoing innovation process. An accomplished speaker, master trainer and facilitator, Jay blends an imaginative communication style with an ability to bridge ideas and galvanize the commitment of individuals and groups around the key issues they face. Spark Innovation is dedicated to finding, using and sharing the very best practices that help maximize human capital and move our world toward continuous, open innovation.